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  1. bluefxstc

    First Annual Boise Alta Ride

    Earlier this week @Redwolf and @Rix traveled up to Boise with their bikes to ride. We had two EXRs and my EX. Day one was just me and @Redwolf. We did about 35 miles of single track, 2 track and dirt roads. Great day, but no pictures, too busy riding. :ricky: The next day @Rix joined us...
  2. bluefxstc

    Today's Ride, Boise Foothills

    Took a little ride today in the Boise foothills. Had a pretty good rain yesterday so no dust and cooler temps so all in all awesome day to ride and back home before 1230. Interestingly, my battery consumption seemed really low to me. I ended up riding 37 miles of single track and fire roads...
  3. bluefxstc

    Eastern Idaho Rides

    Took a drive over to Mackay in eastern Idaho this past weekend for a Memorial ride. Mackay is a very small (about 450 population) old mining town that is very bike/ATV friendly. ATVs and side by sides are allowed on all streets other than the main highway passing through town. Lots of rocky...
  4. bluefxstc

    Happy Earth Day 2019

    Rode the EX to work today and will race around my back yard track this afternoon in Boise, all on solar produced electricity. Awesome Motorcycle. :cool:
  5. bluefxstc

    For Sale 2018 Alta redshift MXR - $7500 (North spokane)

    I do not know anything other than what is in the listing. Seems like a pretty good deal if you are in the market for an MXR. If someone buys this or hears that it is sold and lets me know I will update the thread prefix. Craigslist ad.
  6. bluefxstc

    For Sale MXR In Medford OR $9500

    Don't know anything about this. I just saw it while looking at Craigslist. If you are looking for MXR doesn't seem like a bad deal. If someone buys this let me know and I will change the prefix to sold. 2018 ALTA REDSHIFT MXR 136 miles
  7. bluefxstc

    24 Hour Race Equipment/Logistics/Stratiges Considerations

    Having never been involved in a 24 hour race, I thought a thread on specialized equipment and logistics necessary for a 24 hour race on an Alta, might be beneficial. There is a lot of racing experience on the forum so trying to pool the knowledge to give everyone a leg up and help ensure a good...
  8. bluefxstc

    EX Shuts Tail Light Off

    Found out today my 2018 EX’s (#027) tail light isn’t working. Brake light works, but no tail light. Initial thought was no biggie, bad bulb, I will replace it and all is well. Guess what, it is not the bulb. Clean the bulb and socket, which is probably the cheapest socket I have ever seen...
  9. bluefxstc

    New Seat

    Just went to the Seat Concept web site and it looks like they have a variety of seats available for the Alta. Going to have to check them out because my back side could use some more comfort. :ricky:
  10. bluefxstc

    Coolant pump running while charging, why?

    In the coolant pump not running thread, Mark911 stated, "The water cooling is for the inverter and motor only. The pack is cooled via convection just like our old air cooled bikes". I have no reason to doubt that, but if true and I think it is, then why does the coolant pump run while charging...
  11. bluefxstc

    How Far Have You Gone?

    So wondering what kind of range everyone is seeing, or able to get out of their Alta and what techniques you use to help ensure you aren't stranded with a dead battery? I understand that there are a lot of variables in that question, and some of you may not even know, or care, but I thought it...
  12. bluefxstc

    Boise Fire Just Got An Alta EX

    Boise Fire Department just bought an Alta EX for rescues in the Boise Foothills. Here is a link to a couple of stories on the bike. Both stories are about the same but good coverage for electric motorcycles in the community. Don't mention Alta specifically, but does show the bike...
  13. bluefxstc

    True Future Of Fast

    Just returned from a day in the Boise Foothills. Initiating the new generation of Future Of Fast. Never too early to start. :ricky:
  14. bluefxstc

    EX In Desert South Of Boise

    Great ride on 4/27. Did 25 miles on slightly less than 1/2 charge. Water is the Snake River.