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    How to unplug

    Hi I need to unplug the connector on the pic (in front of the bike, wire coming from the charge port), how to do it ? Do i have to push down the white part or to pull it up ? And when done do i have just to unplug or do i need to press somewhere with my finger ? Thank you 😉
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    Help for charger connector (Homologation in France)

    Hi every one, I'm in the process of homologation in France for my EXR 2019 and the state services have asked me 2 questions. Unfortunately i'm not at home to check my documents and i need to answer them tomorrow 🙄 . What is the electrical tension (V) going from the fast charger to the moto top...
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    Just seen my EXR 2019 is rated 274 lbs so 124 kg , and that the GVWR is (only) 215 Kg written on the information plate near the fork. As i'm 110 Kg nude , i'm out of tolerance ! :eek::) It's a very surprising that the info plate gives only 91 Kg for the driver !!!! And in the Owner Manual the...
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    Fast charger to french type E plug

    Hello I'll receive my Alta EXR tomorrow, long wait ! I'll have to change the Fast charger connector with french connector type E 240v. IEC - World Plugs: Plug Type E Any difficulty to do this ? Any advice will be good. Thank you.
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    Help needed to send parts to France

    Hi, My EXR2019 will arrive in France in about 2 weeks, and i want to buy some parts like display protection, chain sliders and perhaps a second fast charger. Instead of paying each time delivery costs to France, i'm looking for some help/assistance from one of you. I would like to make the...
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    Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake kit

    Hi all, i'm french and i'm buying WoodsWeapon Redshift EXR 2019 at the moment to import it in France. This forum, that i read since 2 months, is an incredible source of knowledge, you make a great work guies, many thanks !(y)(y) I'm interested in the Rekluse kit (to have both Left Hand and Right...