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  1. privateer703

    Racing an alta mx in UK enduro series

    Also, you would probably want the MX over an MXR since the battery cells have the same capacity, but a slightly slower discharge rate in the MX = slightly more range (or at least I remember reading something like that). There are some people on here who have both Alta's and Sur-Rons, maybe...
  2. privateer703

    When will one of the majors bring an E-bike to the market

    But CA is a huge state that does a lot of powersports sales. Mfr's won't want to lose that, and with support of all the majors they can add electric only races and because the noise is low you can now add tracks where you couldn't before and we might actually grow the sport. Besides, as CA...
  3. privateer703

    When will one of the majors bring an E-bike to the market

    I think they are just going to wait until the mandates start in 2035. They'll use all the time between now and then to get working, but I don't think they're going to try and move any faster than that timeline. It's hard to say what the value of the Alta will be. If the majors don't make one...
  4. privateer703

    German PohlBock

    Do the Germans really not have a word for "pickup"?? They are known for mashing words to name things, but they didn't make a word for pickup?? Aufpflucken. That bike looks solid, spec wise it looks really close to the storm bee, except the torque. I bet it will hold up better.
  5. privateer703

    Stealth Design planned for my EXR.

    Looks like you could just buy something like this: Urban Camo Wrap
  6. privateer703

    Want to buy WTB right side rear number plate and chain slider

    I can promise that eventually someone will be selling more replacement number plates. I can't say when.
  7. privateer703

    Rivian SUV

    Wrap or not, I think it's terrible.
  8. privateer703

    Rivian SUV

    I guess Rivian has an SUV in the works. It looks pretty good, but what the hell are they thinking with that paint job?? It's going to give someone a seizure. At least it doesn't sound like the amazon delivery van. Rivian SUV Spotted in Bloomington
  9. privateer703

    California banning dinosaur bikes.

    Car companies are falling in line with that as well. I think I saw that Ford is promising only "0 emissions" vehicles by 2035. I think Chevy might have said something like that as well.
  10. privateer703

    MSC Engineering YZ conversion vs Alta

    How do you think it will do against the storm bee?
  11. privateer703


    Maybe he already is...
  12. privateer703

    Display Deleter

    Would you offer us the ability to buy the source code from you?
  13. privateer703

    Display Deleter

    I would probably be interested in buying one of these for a just-in-case scenario. But I agree with @wwmotors in that we need a little more SOC info than low battery. Two seven segment led's would allow a numbered display (which would actually be better IMHO than the current bar display)...
  14. privateer703

    Elisava students create the first 100% electric off-road sports rescue motorcycle

    I don't get what's "innovative" about it. The built in defibrillator would have been innovative, but this just seems like another Alta wannabe. I don't mean to seem negative, it's a good looking bike, and those shrouds are definitely more knee friendly. But what makes it special again? I...
  15. privateer703

    MSC Engineering YZ conversion ready for track testing

    Just out of curiosity, if the stock YZ components were kept (forks, wheels, swingarm and shocks) what would be the cost of the conversion components?
  16. privateer703

    SONDORS Metacycle $5K electric motorcycle

    50 sounds right. I'm real mild on the throttle and I can probably squeeze 45 on the trail. But 80 with 4kWh? I don't think so. And did they say they downgraded that from 100??
  17. privateer703

    SONDORS Metacycle $5K electric motorcycle

    People with SM's probably have a better reference to compare range. I agree the chain adds some drag, but nowhere near enough to account for the difference. What was Alta's original range claim for SM's?
  18. privateer703

    SONDORS Metacycle $5K electric motorcycle

    So a range of 80 miles at 40-45 MPH with a 4kWH battery.. Based on the Alta, which gets about half the range with a battery that is 40% larger.. something doesn't add up to me. What am I missing?
  19. privateer703

    Does anyone want the domain?

    I feel like that scene in Animal House.. They took the bar!! They took the bar!
  20. privateer703

    Alta Help in Utah

    Could you provide details on how to install MT on a raspberry pi? @C5tor could build some more cost effective MT devices if they could be made with something like this raspberry pi tablet kit sold on amazon: raspberry pi touchscreen tablet $65 edit - tablet kit above does NOT include raspberry...