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  1. wwmotors

    Getting rid of regen if possible

    No, this wasnt me! The Quantyas had no regen programmed! So the reduction of drag came only from stopping the motor while going downhill but not because of reducing regen!
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    When will one of the majors bring an E-bike to the market

    The ban on ICE bikes is only a California decision, isnt it? People will buy ICE bikes in other states and ride them in California. It makes no sense, that only one state bans ICE bikes.
  3. wwmotors

    When will one of the majors bring an E-bike to the market

    Honda had already a prototype. There was a test and a mini presentation in Japan. Never heard of it again. KTMs bosses said, there is no market at that pricelevel. Yamaha is working on a prototype out of a ICE frame. I think, the next 5 years nothing happens! As long as there is no race class...
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    Bad Bug with a Bad Bike

    Helps also for wheelying the Buggy! Wau!
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    German PohlBock

    I asked a few months ago, to become a Pohlbock dealer, but they refused. I planned, to show the bike every weekend on different tracks here in Germany, like I did with the ALTAs and sold 17 ALTAs in the meantime. Not bad for a one man show! I think, they are too small and producing too less...
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    Stealth Design planned for my EXR.

    I installed a switch in the plus cable to the low beam bulb. When i turn it on again, it works only, when you restart the bike. The CAN bus only switches on the low beam, when there is a bulb recognized! Strange!
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    Stealth Design planned for my EXR.

    Hello ALTA Riders, I plan a stealth design for my EXR , see attached designidea. Who else has his ALTA in a stealth or camo design? I like the idea of NoBraaap and incognito riding! :-) A switch for headlights off is already installed!
  8. wwmotors

    Display Deleter

    I agree about Map Info LED! Good idea!
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    Display Deleter

    Hi Bodie_Z, for me the display has a very important information on a riding day: The SOC! So i can plan my stints and charging better. Is it possible, to show the SOC with a few LEDs (may be 6 to 8 in a row)? That would be perfect. In that case, You can keep the display really small and the...
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    The least Hassle possible - Bike shipping help

    Please make sure, that they have a closed transport! If You are in a cold area with wet or saltened roads, the bike can get irreversible damage! Companies very often do the transport on a cheap open trailer!
  11. wwmotors

    Graphics Kit Templates for Alta Redshift

    I used the templates twice on my MXR and EXR. The fit was really good! Now I go for a new design more dark with black numberplate and fender front and everything as dark as possible. Will be ready in a few days.
  12. wwmotors

    Sold 2017 Alta MX

    The last bike i paid from Germany to the USA, the seller had the money 1 day later! This is 2021! Bike still availlable? Shipping is no drama. The seller only has to attach the charger with straps to the bike, so that there are no additional boxes/parts.The rest is done by my shipping company...
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    TCMB371 Video Thread

    I did exactly the same! I took a AER48 as a base fork and rebuilt it with steel springs like on my MXR. The EXR is a completely different bike now! Feels way lighter and more nimble. Next step is a 19inch rear wheel. I think, it will have a better balance with it and less understeer!
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    Shipping alta overseas

    Hello Kenweld, i shipped 15 bikes from USA to Europe per Container. I left the battery and all plugs in the bike. Charged it to 50%. There are no Safety Data sheets required for the battery, only for airfreight! Sometimes it is cheaper, when You crate the bike. If not, strap the charger to the...
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    Why do the 2017 MX's get overlooked?

    I had both bikes and we rode them also parallel some times. The MX fork (4CS) is way to soft for MX riding, especially jumping. The MX battery overheats earlier than the MXR. So if You only riding for joy or ENduro riding and You are not the fastest rider, the MX is OK. Especially the soft fork...
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    For Sale Full set of white plastics

    You are lucky guys! I ordered several times full sets of plastic. Until all parts are here in Europe, with shipping, customs, VAT...etc..., a complete plastics kit costs us 1500€ !!! But the good news is: I have a right sidepanel in my workshop! But it is not for sale! :-)
  17. wwmotors

    Easy-to-follow battery charging protocol for weekend riding

    Sounds cool, but i am not able to stop at the last stint with 50%. It is too much fun at the end, so i go a longstint until battery is empty! Then i charge, while getting dressed and loading RV, to 50%! :-)
  18. wwmotors

    Got My Alta!

    Hello JW884, from what make do You take the seatcover, so that it fits on the ALTA? I also plan to change to another colour! Cheers WW
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    Easy-to-follow battery charging protocol for weekend riding

    2 hours before i go to the track, i charge to 100% plus balancing with standard charger. On the track i ride and charge several times between 20-80% (powercharger). At home again, i charge to 50% with standardcharger. So the bike is always stored with 50%. I think, that is the best for battery...
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    Subframe Crack. Worth Replacing?

    What happened? I landed one time in the flat from approxx 3m. No cracks in the subframe!