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    AJ Catanzaro

    Awesome! Where did you hide the dash??
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    Lainer EPICA

    Anyone running the EPICA cartridges in their Alta? I'm packing my suspension up this weekend and shipping it out to N2Dirt to get EPICA's installed in the forks and the shock resprung/revalved. I'm curious as to how big of a difference this will make? The 4CS absolutely sucks. I had the fork...
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    Tried to send the Alta into orbit today

    Hahaha! The landing is way too small, should probably be twice the size.
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    Tried to send the Alta into orbit today

    I have all this in my side yard that is only .6 of an acre. Neighbors all around as you can see and have not received a single complaint. This bike is the absolute best purchase I can remember making and no way will I ever go back to a gas bike. Being able to just pull my bike out of my...
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    Tried to send the Alta into orbit today

    Wooden freestyle ramp running downhill in my yard. This bike is absolutely incredible.
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    Subframe modification/replacement

    Thank you for the info!!
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    Subframe modification/replacement

    Subframe doesn't seem that bad to do. Any ideas as to how they're combining the two seat pans?
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    Subframe modification/replacement

    Anyone have any info about changing the subframe over to a KTM subframe? I seen someone on here do it and was curious what year and model KTM subframe to get and what all modifications you need to make to it? Those little brass insert things are ripping out of my rear fender and would much...
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    Stock Triple Clamp Woes

    If you take some of the torque off of your steering stem nut, is it still noisy? Not sure how tight you are running yours but I tightened mine up about as tight as I felt comfortable with without putting excess pressure on the bearing and can still flop my bars side to side relatively easily.
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    OX-Hydra brake LHRB

    Update! I got a few rides in and this LHRB works awesome!! So good, in fact, that I eliminated (cut off) the rear brake pedal, leaving only the section needed for this setup. Very happy with this upgrade!!
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    OX-Hydra brake LHRB

    I did! It feels awesome but it's winter here so I haven't gotten to ride with it yet to determine how well it really works. The feel I'm getting at the handelbars though, seems like you'll be able to lock the rear up with one finger. I have high hopes for it but it's going to be another month...
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    Electric FMX

    How big of a pain in the ass is that subframe mod??
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    OX-Hydra brake LHRB

    Ordered this OX-Hydra LHRB kit, going to see how well it works. It's dead ass winter here so I won't get to do any riding with it until Spring, but I'll post some pics of it installed once I get it in.
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    Firmware MXR 2018

    Yeah I can attest to that haha
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    Metallica fans?

    I designed this haha!! I was in between clients (I'm a tattoo artist) and was surfing Vital MX like usual and whipped this up real quick. I took me a while but I finally own an Alta!!
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    2017 Alta MX not charging (code 103)

    Oh I'm no expert haha, Brian did all the work. No way in hell I would have figured that out on my own.
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    Code 103.....again

    TCMB371 just got me up and going. Rapid charger is now charging my '17 MX!!