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    Lainer EPICA

    Anyone running the EPICA cartridges in their Alta? I'm packing my suspension up this weekend and shipping it out to N2Dirt to get EPICA's installed in the forks and the shock resprung/revalved. I'm curious as to how big of a difference this will make? The 4CS absolutely sucks. I had the fork...
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    Tried to send the Alta into orbit today

    Wooden freestyle ramp running downhill in my yard. This bike is absolutely incredible.
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    Subframe modification/replacement

    Anyone have any info about changing the subframe over to a KTM subframe? I seen someone on here do it and was curious what year and model KTM subframe to get and what all modifications you need to make to it? Those little brass insert things are ripping out of my rear fender and would much...
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    2017 Alta MX not charging (code 103)

    I seem to be having a charging issue. I just got the bike yesterday (I had it shipped from a dealership in Texas) and they included the rapid charger. I have literally tried everything on here that I have read and cannot get the bike to charge, just keeps throwing the "Stopped 103" code. GFCI...
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    OX-Hydra brake LHRB

    Just curious if anyone has used the OX-Hydra LHRB or if it would work on the Alta?? OX-HYDRA BRAKE (LHRB) KTM -
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    2018 Alta MX.......Should I buy?

    I've been a fan of these bikes since they came out and now I have the opportunity to finally buy one. I have my eyes on a brand new 2018 Alta Redshift MX for $7000 plus the charger. Are there any known issues with these bikes? I've read about some wirebond issues with the MXR battery packs...