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  1. OneLapper

    1000 Miles On The EXR Today

    I'm curious on the throttle modification as well. I would like to try it but hate to use up one of the two throttle assemblies!
  2. OneLapper

    JDay Southwick GP I 11/1/20

    Hey! The JDay GP at Southwick is a great event. The first and the last event of the season is at the 'Wick, and usually they have a winter event there. Unless you're a Pro, you'll have no problem finishing the moto. Even the Pros can finish the moto if they ride the Alta more smoothly than...
  3. OneLapper

    Tesla Battery

    I agree completely. I'd be surprised if anyone comes out with a better electric bike in the next 2-4 years.
  4. OneLapper

    Tesla Battery

    Tesla's new 4680 cells would be great on an Alta. The higher energy density would help, but the tabless construction allows the heat to be effectively dissipated from the top and the bottom of the cells. Thermal management is now, well, manageable. There was some talk about going open source...
  5. OneLapper

    Western Maryland offroad 9/11-13

    oooph. 500 miles each way.
  6. OneLapper

    Western Maryland offroad 9/11-13

    It does sound like a blast! I'll need to take at the distance but I'm pretty sure its a bit too far for a down and back in a couple days
  7. OneLapper

    2021 Alta Rally/Race/Meetup

    I love the sound of this! And heading south in NE winter time sounds good
  8. OneLapper

    LED light options

    No issues because it uses it's own battery source.
  9. OneLapper

    Tires for the enduro models

    Last season I ran the Bridgestone M59 and Tubliss, and I loved the setup! Front pressure with the tubliss is 120 for the bladder and 7-9 for the tire. Previously I ran the Shinko fatty. Like @Oded said, it's a great tire and shed knobbies. The M59 totally surprised me. Oh, after one season...
  10. OneLapper

    3D print shroud guards to fill in the ribs

    This would be great! I have to double up the 3M vinyl and have still worn through it on occasion. The thicker MX decals would work better
  11. OneLapper

    DIY LHRB that retains the foot brake

    Super nice people and very helpful. I left mine long to route it in a way that doesn't pull on the line at all when moving the bars. Shorter is doable as @Motophyllic mentioned
  12. OneLapper

    Gear Oil Creamy Color ?

    Did you happen to see what the oil looked like after it sat overnight? That could well be aeration, tiny bubbles making it look cloudy.
  13. OneLapper

    EXR wont turn on -- Solved

    I got a message from @SarahShoemaker (about a month ago) that the bike is dead again. It had been sitting since the last repair because the tire was flat. Sarah, I can't seem to find your direct contact info. Reach out to me when you can. I'm sure I can walk you or your husband through...
  14. OneLapper

    The Alta Factory LHRB

    I have had some luck by removing the white plastic disc inside the reservoir, tipping the bike on the right side, and pumping the lever. Also, I've left the bike on it's side overnight. I don't know why that would help, but it has. Push bleeding from the caliper up to the MC is helpful...
  15. OneLapper

    The Alta Factory LHRB

    This corresponds with what I found when I was messing around with the DIY rear brake. Hard to lock the wheel with the 10mm, easier to lock up the wheel with the 9mm. I find the 9mm works very well for the enduro racing, traction is usually low so it's easy to lock the rear and swing the bike...
  16. OneLapper

    Bike won’t wake up - BCU Repair

    Any update on this?
  17. OneLapper

    Free MX ride day south central Pennsylvania, rescheduled for summer

    The new owner (leasee?) has a track 1/2 a mile from my workplace, MX23, in Mass. It's been there for years but the town has been trying to shut it down for years due to the noise. I had a project at work where I needed to go to the local P&Z meetings to get a building permit. I had been a...
  18. OneLapper

    The Alta Factory LHRB

    I wonder if that was a supply constraint issue. The 9mm is definitely more difficult to get.
  19. OneLapper

    Anyone in Northeast have multi-tool setup?

    We have a plan in place, we also found the parts that we might need to fix his SM. Looks like it'll be a couple of weeks before our schedules sync up, though Hey @jhachmann0619 , good to talk with you last night!
  20. OneLapper

    The Alta Factory LHRB

    I have no problem locking up the rear wheel when I want to with the 9mm MC. Actually, the feel/feedback/modulation is fantastic