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  1. schwankl

    CZEM Drill One

  2. schwankl

    CZEM Drill One

    Drill One | DEB 3x power of sur-ron lbx and weighs less
  3. schwankl

    Would you buy a Harley EV?

    south park nails it: Brub Brrub Brrrrub!
  4. schwankl

    Just bought a 2020 freeride exc I might not be able to charge?

    Anyone use one of these before?
  5. schwankl

    Tesla Powerwall charging trailer

    see post from earlier today where I link to morton's site for videos and diagram
  6. schwankl

    Tesla Powerwall charging trailer

    I try not to charge my bike to 100% all the time ... so from 10% to 90% ~2hr ... can add more, but would do in sets and to keep in/out < 0.5c and balancing should not be needed.
  7. schwankl

    KTM65 Electric Conversion

    is it 4s of 5s10p modules?
  8. schwankl

    Tesla Powerwall charging trailer

    Your 12v 6kw is split-phase right? My current system is 110v / slow charge system, but scalable ... you can put 6 of these victrons in parallel for party time. For the fast charge 220v split-phase I need another inverter charger ($1200), but I deemed the design safer, flexible and more...
  9. schwankl

    Tesla Powerwall charging trailer

    Its basically Solar Phase 2 - The Tesla Battery ...he has some wiring diagrams and videos. I have some different parts tho - mainly because they have bluetooth and have a nice mobile app to visualize / set: victron bvm 712 and victron smartsolar 75/15 ... just make sure to set voltages correctly...
  10. schwankl

    Tesla Powerwall charging trailer

    My mobile version works good: I put a tesla model s 5.2kwh into a padded ammo can, and a programmable victron inverter charger in pelican case... use solar and honda gen to charge the battery when away from camp... Silent charging later in the day.
  11. schwankl

    Show the world how you are properly practicing social distancing

    I am heading down to south utah later this week and will share some pics, but this vid of Toni Bou is worthy of this thread:
  12. schwankl

    [custom] honda ecrf 250r

    Cool custom bike: Honda eCRF 250R električna predelava- BULL BIKES Električna Kolesa Power: 44 HP (software limited engine power) Gear ratio: 5.5: 1 Torque: approx. 500 Nm Battery Capacity: 6.2kWh Translate link: Google Translate vids: ... more on his youtube channel
  13. schwankl

    Uploading SM maps to the EX?

    What's the change on that? Charge and discharge to what voltages?
  14. schwankl

    Resistor For EXR Tail Light ?

    Which ones did you get? I have extra ones that worked for a dot certified 35w headlight on mxr - if you want to DM me ur address will throw few in an envelope for ya. There is probably a better solution using transistors and resistors - saw design using 2 mosfet 2 resistors, but was just too...
  15. schwankl

    Replacement green LED in display

    Anyone replace led(s) in the display? Looking for a led replacement part or some guidance. I can desolder and put in a new surface mount led ... there is a gap in the green I want to fill. Thanks, mike
  16. schwankl

    Crafty stair send

    and a hippie w/ hobbies likes to teach redshifts to fly too:
  17. schwankl

    Retroactive E-motorcycle Federal Tax Credit

    what would it take to get vehicle certification from irs ? we should qualify (ex* and sm) - anyone able to help check?
  18. schwankl

    Retroactive E-motorcycle Federal Tax Credit or ... talk to ur accountant or tax software help