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  1. schwankl

    CZEM Drill One

    Drill One | DEB 3x power of sur-ron lbx and weighs less
  2. schwankl

    [custom] honda ecrf 250r

    Cool custom bike: Honda eCRF 250R električna predelava- BULL BIKES Električna Kolesa Power: 44 HP (software limited engine power) Gear ratio: 5.5: 1 Torque: approx. 500 Nm Battery Capacity: 6.2kWh Translate link: Google Translate vids: ... more on his youtube channel
  3. schwankl

    Replacement green LED in display

    Anyone replace led(s) in the display? Looking for a led replacement part or some guidance. I can desolder and put in a new surface mount led ... there is a gap in the green I want to fill. Thanks, mike
  4. schwankl

    Crafty stair send

    and a hippie w/ hobbies likes to teach redshifts to fly too:
  5. schwankl

    Retroactive E-motorcycle Federal Tax Credit

    Happy Hollidays ... get $1k+ back (max $2500) from your 2018 alta purchase(s): The E-motorcycle Federal Tax Credit, also known as the 2-wheeled plug-in tax credit, was included in the tax extenders bill approved by Congress and signed into law by President Trump late on Friday December 20, 2019...
  6. schwankl

    Fake noise e-moto for AVAS / eu compliance

    record or use your voice: or the turbospoke:
  7. schwankl

    WSM PACT: Alta Redshift

    pretty and all, but I still prefer off-road capable MXR/EXR: This Custom Alta Is The Future Of Electric Motorcycles
  8. schwankl

    Screw for rear brake lever

    Anyone know a part number for the bolt that holds in the rear brake lever? - Has an angled/countersunk head ( )
  9. schwankl

    High Current Aussie

    some thick cable to get 50kw from 92v
  10. schwankl

    Withdrawn front hub spacer

    Asked warp9 about where do get one and they said alta was in control of them. Anyone have a spare to sell? Or know where to buy one? Thanks, mike
  11. schwankl

    logos technologies

    anyone know more about this hybrid-redshift? 2x2 (front hub drive) ... 170mi range hybrid ... genset can run off avgas, jp5, propane Silent Hawk / Logos Technologies
  12. schwankl

    can bus connector

    Anyone figure out what 13-pin connector this is / part number? I have the pin mapping from the canusb db9, just looking for this part to be less hacky connecting to the bike.
  13. schwankl

    New article [nothing new tho]

    I have a google alert for alta news ... just posting cause haven't seen this yet on this forum. What Ever Happened To Alta Motors?
  14. schwankl

    load / resistance spec for aux / 12v circuit

    Can anyone share the 12v circuit spec (or findings) for a redshift mxr? probably for ip67 rating they have some load / resistance band for operation. I can power baja 4-led system at 11 or 37w fine, but when I try to use an incandescent (from a dot certified polisport mmx) which only uses 30w...
  15. schwankl

    Battery care -- winter riding and hibernation

    Just want to get some info and help to keep all bikes in good shape storage / hibernation and yearly maint: - li-ion batteries - store at 50% ... if longer than what between usage? ... I wish alta allowed some real metrics / diag / chemistry of battery, or smart folks with empathy could step up...
  16. schwankl

    WTB: studded paddles

    half my trail is getting too much snow: Anyone selling studded paddles?
  17. schwankl

    Our own Alta software/firmware team -- Join in

    I have asked Alta to buy a laptop ~2mo response. Waiting for a disgruntled, or very cool, employee. ...could non-intrusively copy a laptop - if not encrypted - a "dealer" could take out the drive, run a "dd" command (free program) to copy the drive, and puts it back into the laptop...
  18. schwankl

    non-alta kickstand

    I have gone thru 2 kickstand hangers in 3mo, by I guess putting too much pressure on the stop: the t-looking part of the hanger can see on: MXR Kickstand They bend, then the kickstand continue to get worse until its useless. Very bad design imo, never had any problems with various yamaha's...
  19. schwankl

    DC charging spec

    Anyone point me to info on DC-DC charging a redshift? Losing ~20% going to AC and back sucks.
  20. schwankl

    Bought charger

    Looking for a 2nd charger - 120 or 240 - got an EXR and use it to commute and ride local trails in SLC