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  1. bluefxstc

    Talk me into buying an Alta. Talk me out of buying an Alta.

    I wonder how the Alta would do on the spin cycle? :eek:
  2. bluefxstc

    Want to buy Standard Charger

    About 1.4kw on 120Vac and 2.7kw on 240Vac. If you run the rapid charger on 120Vac it should only be about 1.4kw also since a standard 15A 120Vac outlet will only provide a max of 1.8kw so they limit the output to avoid throwing circuit breakers. You could use something like a Kil-A-Watt meter...
  3. bluefxstc

    Want to buy Standard Charger

    Try contacting the guys at Elcon Chargers. Pretty sure they supplied the standard chargers to Alta. They may be able to help.
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    Had it so good! Track with high speed charging power outlets denied me after a couple years.

    Did you offer to pay them to use the outlet? As a state run track I can kind of understand it. That doesn't mean that I like it or agree with it, but by letting you use the outlet for free, they are effectively paying for your fuel which they do not do for anyone with a gas powered bike. As a...
  5. bluefxstc

    DC Chademo fast charger kit for alta and other emoto

    The issue I see with Chademo in the US, is there are not a lot of charge stations available, and almost none of them are where I want to ride my EX. Looking at a Plug Share charging station map, there is one Chademo station in Boise and the next closest station is about 45 freeway miles away...
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    Charging at public level 2 charger - actual wiring question

    Epic is one way to look at it. I think L3 will provide something like 100kw so if you don't have good cooling and control it could be very epic. On the other hand you are looking at about a 3 minute charge at that level. :eek: With the right control infrastructure you could spool that down...
  7. bluefxstc

    Charging at public level 2 charger - actual wiring question

    It has been a long time since I actually looked at the control circuits needed to provide the necessary signals. I think J1772 also has a proximity switch/signal that also needs to be addressed (prox in the diagram below). I looked into building my own J1772 comm board, but in the end I just...
  8. bluefxstc

    Charging at public level 2 charger - actual wiring question

    Yes In addition to the plug, J1772 is basically a communication protocol and a switch. The communication tells the Alta charger how much current the EVSE (Level 1, 2 or 3) equipment can provide and that it is plugged in. We really don't need the current information since even the fast charger...
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    Charging at public level 2 charger - actual wiring question

    I have used these in the past for J1772 communication in the past with pretty good luck. I don't know of any way to program an Alta charger to handle the J1772 communication. It may be possible, but is way beyond my programming ability.
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    Server issues

    Thank you @Philip , and all the other site Admins, for everything you do for the site. Your efforts don't go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated by everyone here.
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    Sold Pair of SMs looking for new home

    You don't even need to truck it home, you can just ride it. Uber there and ride home. It was meant for you! :LOL:
  12. bluefxstc

    New Josh Hill Video on his Alta

    Try that on a 2 stroke without pissing off your neighbors. :ricky:
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    For Sale "Future of Fast" Meet Flag

    (y) :)
  14. bluefxstc

    For Sale "Future of Fast" Meet Flag

    That would be cool to have at a 24 hour race
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    Show the world how you are properly practicing social distancing

    Not on my Alta, but just finished replacing the chain and changing the oil on my DRZ so took it out to the Boise foothills on a test ride. About 3 miles further up on the road it was blocked with snow. It was a nice evening ride though.
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    EXR wont turn on -- Solved

    Can you wire a switch into the 9V circuit so you can disconnect it when the bike is not in use and kill any possibility of a parasitic drain?
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    Anyone else bring their Alta inside?

    Nice art work
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    Sold Brand new MXR - Never run - still wrapped in plastic

    Yep, but you get an Alta for free. :D
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    Why haven't one of the major mfr's released an Alta comparable full sized dirt bike yet?

    I'm in. 7kw pack should give me about a 60 mile range on trails which would cover 95% of my riding.
  20. bluefxstc

    25 hours of starvation ridge 2020

    That means we have a team, anyone else? :D We can have up to 6 on a team, but 3 is about the minimum to charge the bikes and keep a someone on the track all the time.