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  1. leeo45

    Electric Flat Track at The One Moto Show in Portland - Feb 8

    There will be an electric motorcycle flat track race at the One Moto Show 2020 at the Portland Memorial Coliseum this coming weekend. The event schedule has it is listed as an Expert class for “all electric bikes”. Zero Motorcycles is the presenting sponsor for this race. Here is...
  2. leeo45

    Trials e-Bikes: OSET 24 OR

    Pat Smage and Oliver Smith riding the OSET 24 trials bikes: A Game of B-I-K-E on OSET 24s ""
  3. leeo45

    Isle of Man TT Zero (e-bike road racing)

    Michael Rutter again won the IoM TT Zero with a new lap record on a Mugen e-bike. He was 8.9 seconds ahead of Mugen teammate John McGuinness. There was some previous discussion about the relationship between Honda and Mugen in the thread about the Honda e-MX bike. Some amazing performance...
  4. leeo45

    EV West on Fully Charged Video - including (brief) MXR content

    Interesting video focused on their classic/old car conversions. YouTube: "Fully Charged: Amazing Conversions @ EV West"
  5. leeo45

    Faster, Faster Inc. Patents (1 thru 7)

    Patents registered by Faster, Faster Inc. as of 10 December 2018. Click the "Download" button to the right to see the specific patent PDF files. (1 of 7) Motorcycle Frame Head Stock - US9.434.441B1 - Sept 06 2016 (2 of 7) Integrated Chassis Heatsink for Electric Motorcycles - US...
  6. leeo45

    Alternative Fuel Vehicle Licensing Fees

    So, I just registered my EXR and was not so thrilled to discover that Georgia has an ANNUAL Alternative Fuel Vehicle Licensing Fee in addition to all of the regular vehicle fees. :mad: For 2018 that incremental fee is $208.13 and the state will adjust this fee each year based on their...
  7. leeo45

    1000 Hour Major Maintenance: What is required?

    There is a reasonable chance I will never reach 1,000 hours so this is purely out of curiosity. I have searched the forum and the owners manual and the only service interval info I have found is this table. Anyone know if there is a list for this major maintenance?