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  1. Don Thuren

    Little shock tune test video!

    Got my(amazing BTW!!!) MX Tech Lucky cartridges installed a few weeks ago, and they are SO good, they really made the OEM rear rear shock tune just feel even more terrible. Using Silkolene RSF 2.5 the first tune was too soft and rebound was too fast, so here is the 2nd tune to adjust. I'm...
  2. Don Thuren


    Long shot but by chance does anyone have pictures of the main piston and base valve that comes in the 2017 MX shock, showing the ports and everything? I poked around but couldn't find anything. Thanks! :)
  3. Don Thuren

    Rear brake master cylinder mount. Has it been broken?

    Morning all! So I was putting new footpegs on, and when poking around looking at how the rear brake master mounting is designed, that seems a SUPER weak area. I bet even a decent stick wedged between the pedal and side case could snap it... Am I nuts? Has anyone broke this area? Looks like...
  4. Don Thuren

    Any interest in this? 3D printed screen relocation mount....

    Hello all! I've learned so much from this forum thought I would offer this to return the favor a little, IF there is interest in this... I moved my screen to behind the number plate so I could get a normal crossbar pad on, the flashing light kinda bugged me sometimes when riding, and the...
  5. Don Thuren

    Getting used to this no-clutch thing!

    Nothing special just some goofing around killing some time, hill climbing, getting some strength training in muscling this thing around, hopping downed trees, some rocks, etc.... The slow speed traction quality is so freaking cool...
  6. Don Thuren

    Electric clutch

    I searched a bunch and came up with some good info, but was there ever a definitive conclusion if we can or can't add an electric clutch? Seems like an electric clutch would make the Redshift 99% perfect! Thanks!
  7. Don Thuren

    Bought White side shrouds!

    Want to convert my yellow bike to white, and the last piece to my puzzle is the white side shrouds. Let me know where to send money if you have any please thanks!
  8. Don Thuren

    How do we reflash firmware?

    Hello all! I see people talking on the forum regarding "reflashing" the firmware, etc... How do we do this, specifically if our firmware is up to date, but I just want to reload it? Thanks! :)
  9. Don Thuren

    New to me 2017 MX... Code 33 / 007 charging fault...

    Hello all! So glad this forum exists thank you for everything in advance! I came across a deal I could not pass up. I bought a 2017 MX(vin 039) only 100 miles, but with some charging problems. I have the Multitool cables on order, and I've been reading up on all that should be fun... Anyway...