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  1. Brent421

    Withdrawn 2019 MXR $9000 (no longer selling)

    Good decision. I have two 2019 MXR’s and wouldn’t dream of selling either of them.
  2. Brent421

    Acerbis Plastics Tools

    A black subframe! A black subframe! A black subframe!
  3. Brent421

    Acerbis Plastics Tools

    I’m interested. I’d love to be able to have a black subframe made.
  4. Brent421

    Sold 2017 Redshift MX Found on eBay

    Wow, looks like that one sold fast! With no more Alta’s being made and the last of the available stock depleting, I think these bikes will be going up in value over time.
  5. Brent421

    Nearly lost my front fork! What is the right Torque?

    The online manual shows NM and FT-LB. 14 NM has worked flawless for me. These triple clamps are quite different than the ones on my KTM’s.
  6. Brent421

    Nearly lost my front fork! What is the right Torque?

    I believe you’re confused. The torque is 14 “Newton Meters” or 10.3 “Foot pounds” for the triple clamp fork bolts and pinch bolts.
  7. Brent421

    Alta Redshift MXR and MX on a Dyno - Riding Maps Demystified

    I’ve tried bith 14 tooth and 13 tooth sprockets on the front. For me, the 14 tooth takes too much away from the bottom end, but 13 tooth was perfect. The 13 tooth added just the right amount of top end. I can now panic rev if needed on massive motocross jumps and go faster on the long...
  8. Brent421

    Want to buy 2019 EX-R and MX-R

    Yeah, if I didn’t already have two I would have jumped on that deal. My cousin called to buy it this morning and they told him it was already sold.
  9. Brent421

    Want to buy 2019 EX-R and MX-R

    That bike is SOLD
  10. Brent421

    Got myself a practice bike

    I agree, I was faster on my 450 on bigger tracks with longer straights, but on medium sized and smaller tracks with lots of turns I’m way faster on the Alta. No arm pump on the Alta either! Since I jumped up to a 13 tooth on the front sprocket I’ve been able to outrun most of the 450’s even on...
  11. Brent421

    Got myself a practice bike

    That’s exactly how I always describe my 2018.5 KTM Factory Edition 450, when comparing it to the Alta. A 450 feels like a slow heavy tractor compared to our Alta’s.
  12. Brent421

    Alta DNA finds a new home

    Heck, if not an Alta like e-dirt bike maybe just some battery packs that would fit into our Alta’s for one day when they eventually go bad. I also wonder if the non disclosure had expired since he’s going to work for this company.
  13. Brent421

    Alta at Geneva supercross right now

    That looks like @Mat Rebeaud a member here on the forum. He posted a video here a couple of months ago of him ripping on his Alta. The guy has some skills. New freestyle motocross Raw 100
  14. Brent421

    EXR wont turn on -- Solved

    As in the 9V battery was engineered to last 10 years?
  15. Brent421

    EXR wont turn on -- Solved

    Just curious, but what is the purpose of the 9v battery? These bikes seem pretty rock solid, but we all know 9v batteries don’t last forever.
  16. Brent421

    Post your Miles/Hours

    2019 MXR VIN # 497 Miles 346 Hours 27 2019 MXR VIN # 536 Miles 17 Hours 2 Alta is by far the best bike I’ve ever thrown a leg over. I think it’s the most fun, easiest to ride, and best handling dirt bike ever made and I’ve had a lot of dirt bikes. I just sold my 2018 KTM 250 2 stroke and I’m...
  17. Brent421

    What would you pay?

    That $8,000-$9,000 seems to be the sweet spot right now, but I can honestly say that I’d never sell mine for that price. To me, these bikes are worth much much more. Not to mention that they’re aren’t anymore being made and soon they may start climbing in price.
  18. Brent421

    Alta Multitool Laptop kit available to Lend

    Does anyone know if the 2019 MXR’s come with the latest software, or do they need to be updated, or does it depend on the VIN? I’m assuming that you have to have the laptop hooked up to the bike to even check but not certain.
  19. Brent421

    What would you pay?

    It really depends on what they’re worth to you. As far as market value goes, I think the 17 MX could go for around $7,500 and the 18 MXR could go for around $8,500, at least. As time goes on and these bikes become more and more scarce, I’d suspect the price may eventually start to increase.