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  1. Fog 25

    Best Motovan Ever

    That would be a great hauler for our track here in California👌 $5 a truck load. 👍
  2. Fog 25

    Gas Gas

    Just found this. We were talking about the name Gas Gas and a bike not using gas. How that would be ironic.
  3. Fog 25

    Gas Gas

    A few of us were talking the other day and thought wouldn’t it be ironic if Gas Gas produced a electric bike.
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    Alta Owners Forum turns two!

    Happy Birthday 🎉 🎂🎊 Thanks for giving us a forum to keep us informed and commiserate with fellow Alta owners. You have been able to draw in some very intelligent people to help us with our problems. Once again Thank You and 🎆Happy Birthday.🎆
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    Alta accepted at Dubya World Vet MX Championship?

    @Sumik what class are you planning on riding? I might be interested in renting you my MXR.
  6. Fog 25

    Alta accepted at Dubya World Vet MX Championship?

    You shouldn’t have any problems all vet classes are open for any motorcycle. Another great race in California to go to is Mammoth MX in June.
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    Alta Maintenance Items Quick Reference

    Check out my Roost victim posts. You can see the damage🙈
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    Been doing it wrong.

    Went out and Moto with the kids and found out after 50 years of riding I’ve been doing it wrong with my line choices.
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    Possible future motor replacement? (Yamaha e-news)

    We might be able to replace our powertrain with Yamaha motors In the near future. Yamaha Motor Begins Accepting Orders for High-performance Electric Motor Prototype —Customized units to be produced rapidly for cars and other vehicles— - News releases | Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
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    With all this Dyno talk a Little on track speed

    Most likely will try to make it back up there this year. Depends on my old body and the bike. 30B class is pretty stacked with fast guys. First time up there you might want to look at the 30C. Check out last years lap time and see if there’s anyone you ride with for comparison. If we both go...
  11. Fog 25

    With all this Dyno talk a Little on track speed

    Philip This was a on track comparison (Seat Dyno) with Go-Pro GPS Tracking. Map 1 takes more distance to get there. See post MXR Top Speed Test in videos. Top speed on my bike is roughly 73 on a open road in map 4 With 14-53 gearing. I’ll have to try a open road comparison of top speed for each...
  12. Fog 25

    With all this Dyno talk a Little on track speed

    Tried each map for speed comparison on track. At the table. Top speed Map 1. 44. 48 Map 2. 47. 52 Map 3. 47. 52 Map 4...
  13. Fog 25

    Another roost victim

    Better hope I don’t hit someone in the crotch😂🤣😂
  14. Fog 25

    Another roost victim

    Another victim learning the hard way not to get behind a Alta. It almost knocked his tattoo off👊
  15. Fog 25

    The Alta with Trophies Thread

  16. Fog 25

    Alta in the Sky

    A friend of mine’s wife trying out her new camera caught me in the sky.
  17. Fog 25

    Withdrawn Gone

    Just buy some new wheels and you good to go
  18. Fog 25

    FOD sending dirt particles

    Fod peppering me with some dirt no respect for his elders.
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    Electric Bike Podcast

    Here’s a new podcasts on all EBikes. End of ep2 talks about Alta ‎Dirt_ebike on Apple Podcasts
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    Help finding an Alta

    This guy might still have his for sale. I do not know anything about the bike. He is on a forum call Look in the MX for sale section. Offline Liger Amateur *** Posts: 496 View Profile Personal Message (Offline) For Sale Alta MXR (Low Hours) *New Price* « on: October 07, 2019...