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  1. Fog 25

    Gas Gas

    A few of us were talking the other day and thought wouldn’t it be ironic if Gas Gas produced a electric bike.
  2. Fog 25

    Been doing it wrong.

    Went out and Moto with the kids and found out after 50 years of riding I’ve been doing it wrong with my line choices.
  3. Fog 25

    Possible future motor replacement? (Yamaha e-news)

    We might be able to replace our powertrain with Yamaha motors In the near future. Yamaha Motor Begins Accepting Orders for High-performance Electric Motor Prototype —Customized units to be produced rapidly for cars and other vehicles— - News releases | Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
  4. Fog 25

    With all this Dyno talk a Little on track speed

    Tried each map for speed comparison on track. At the table. Top speed Map 1. 44. 48 Map 2. 47. 52 Map 3. 47. 52 Map 4...
  5. Fog 25

    Another roost victim

    Another victim learning the hard way not to get behind a Alta. It almost knocked his tattoo off👊
  6. Fog 25

    Alta in the Sky

    A friend of mine’s wife trying out her new camera caught me in the sky.
  7. Fog 25

    FOD sending dirt particles

    Fod peppering me with some dirt no respect for his elders.
  8. Fog 25

    Electric Bike Podcast

    Here’s a new podcasts on all EBikes. End of ep2 talks about Alta ‎Dirt_ebike on Apple Podcasts
  9. Fog 25

    Look what Alta Started

    Spy Photos Husqvarna EVF
  10. Fog 25

    Fod and Fog playing around at Gorman Mx

    It was a little warm out at 100 degrees and Fod push me into Battery Power Limited mode.
  11. Fog 25

    MXR Top Speed Test

    14-53 gearing
  12. Fog 25

    ⚡️Bear Hunting again ⚡️

    Heading to Mammoth MX again Vet weekend June 22 & 23. Any body else?
  13. Fog 25

    AOF new Theme Song

    This is going to be my introduction song.
  14. Fog 25

    Honda CR-E vs. Alta Redshift

    Got this clip from a friend of mine. Not that good of quality. But at least we know it’s a working bike. 👍 Here’s another video
  15. Fog 25

    A few laps behind the bars

    Playing a round at LACR Vet track. Speed check on different sections.
  16. Fog 25

    Front Wheel bearings

    I developed a vibration on my MXR yesterday out riding. It felt like an old 500 two-stroke. Found out it was the front wheel bearings looks like water got in through two seals and caused some rusting. What was strange is the wheel spins freely. So keep a eye out 👁
  17. Fog 25

    Rear wheel bearing clip

    Has anybody replaced to their rear wheel bearings and is the clip missing on the brake rotor side? There’s a groove for a clip that’s not there .
  18. Fog 25

    KTM Electric

    It’s already starting. Photoshop? Looks like older plastic.
  19. Fog 25

    Hand controllers

    Our main designer John McInnis was working on some cool hand controls. Hand Controls - John McInnis's Portfolio I wonder if any of these or working models and floating around?
  20. Fog 25

    Alta ATC

    BVC Racing doing some nice ATC conversions