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  1. wwmotors

    Nearly lost my front fork! What is the right Torque?

    Hello ALTA riders, yesterday while MX in the SX-hall, nearly all bolts of the triple clamp to fork went loose in between very short time. I was lucky, not to have a big one! So I checked today the manual and there ist says 10Nm for all 8 screws! BUT in the torque table it says 14Nm for the same...
  2. wwmotors

    Sold ALTA MXR, 10 hours, like new with powercharger in Germany

    ALTA MXR, 10 hours, like new with powercharger in Germany for sale. It is from a customer of mine. He quit riding because of health reasons. Price is 12.990€ including powercharger and german VAT 19%. official price here in Germany was 15.990€ , when the bike was new! Update and battery check...
  3. wwmotors

    My ALTA MXR can fly!

    Want to let You know, that my ALTA can fly! In Germany, the outdoor season is stopped due to cold weather, so we go in the MX hall for the winter! First test was good fun, as You can see!
  4. wwmotors

    Speedometer somehow adjustable?

    Hello Alta Freaks, I am just building a Supermoto wheelset für my streetlegal EXR. In Germany it is the law, that the speedometer must read the exact speed you go plus a few kilometers, minus is not allowed. Any ideas to adjust/change the digital speedometer to the new rearwheeldiameter plus...
  5. wwmotors

    Password for Dealer Laptop

    Hello ALTA guys, i got with the last 5 bikes from LA also the dealer laptop for servicing and updating firmware from that dealer. Now I want to install some additional software for playing the ALTA service videos (mp4), but the laptop wants a "password for root", see picture. Does someone know...
  6. wwmotors

    Maximum power the different Maps on the ALTA SM?

    Hello ALTA fans, Anyone an idea, what maximum power the different Maps on the ALTA SM have? I try to register my ALTA SM with 11KW max power as a lightweight Motorbike here in Germany, so that my doughter can drive it with 16 years of age! I hope, that may be Map 1 has only 11KW of poweroutput...
  7. wwmotors

    Brand and type of Controller

    Hello Alta Owners, does someone know what brand and exact type the controller of the ALTA is? Thanks a lot WW
  8. wwmotors

    Sold ALTA MX and ALTA EX Streetlegal! Both brandnew! For Sale in Europe:

    Hello ALTA Enthusiasts. I have 2 bikes for sale here in Germany: 1 ALTA MX 2018 and 1 ALTA EX 2018 rebuilt for German TÜV. So streetlegal for Germany and therefore also easy to change for other European countries! Both brandnew! Both with chargers. You can choose, what charger You like...
  9. wwmotors

    Someone in Europe, who has a ALTA SM? Chargingissue!

    Hello Alta Owners, is there someone, who runs a SM in Europe? My questions are the following: Due to the fact, that all additional chargers run on 110 and 240 VAC, does the SM also charge on 240 VAC with the onboardcharger? If not, I have to use an inverter, what is pretty unpracticable! Slow...
  10. wwmotors

    Changing Maps with Dealer laptop?

    Hi Alta Programmers, is it possible to change the programming of the MAPs with the dealer laptop? I will get one in a few weeks! Is there mor possible than only firmware? I want for example mor recuperation if possible to get closer to 450 engine braking momentum, especially for Supermotodrifts...
  11. wwmotors

    No Braaap Design

    No Braaaaap Design of my ALTA. Here on SM Wheels in the Carting Hall!
  12. wwmotors

    Timeout for Standby Mode?

    Hey Software Nerds: Is there a possibility in the ALTA software, to set a timeout for the Standby Mode? When the bikes is standing and switched on and Runstop to Run, it sends a lot of EMC (more than when driving!!). This is a problem, when putting it to the EMC test in Germany. If we could...
  13. wwmotors

    Someone here, who got the ALTA EX or SM already streetlegal for Europe?

    Someone here, who got the ALTA EX or SM already streetlegal for Europe? I will get a ALTA SM and a EX in a few weeks. May be the last ones! It would be helpful, to concentrate our forces and costs , to get the bike streetlegal. Would be a shame, if we would not use them on the streets! No noise...
  14. wwmotors

    Charging the SM with the stand alone charger?

    Morning guys from cold Germany, I will get the last SM in a few weeks. The plan is, to ride it on a Indoor supermototrack. But there, I need to charge quicker than the poor onboard charging system. Did someone convert it already, that it works with the standardcharger or powercharger? Is there a...