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    2017 Alta MX not charging (code 103)

    I seem to be having a charging issue. I just got the bike yesterday (I had it shipped from a dealership in Texas) and they included the rapid charger. I have literally tried everything on here that I have read and cannot get the bike to charge, just keeps throwing the "Stopped 103" code. GFCI...
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    OX-Hydra brake LHRB

    Just curious if anyone has used the OX-Hydra LHRB or if it would work on the Alta?? OX-HYDRA BRAKE (LHRB) KTM -
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    2018 Alta MX.......Should I buy?

    I've been a fan of these bikes since they came out and now I have the opportunity to finally buy one. I have my eyes on a brand new 2018 Alta Redshift MX for $7000 plus the charger. Are there any known issues with these bikes? I've read about some wirebond issues with the MXR battery packs...