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  1. J

    2018 mxr Battery apart finally. Interesting pics

    Usually, when one of my bikes gets washed, it means it is about to be sold.
  2. J

    EXR Battery Range 20 Miles - Normal ?

    Very true, I can deplete my battery in 8 miles at the sand dunes...Alta odometer showed 11 miles, but wheelspin factor so 8 miles was gps.
  3. J

    Help for charger connector (Homologation in France)

    The contactors/relays are located in the top cover of the battery. The contacts are spring loaded so as to hold the contacts open unless power is applied to the coil in the relay/contactors. If there are any failed components or critical startup fail safe tests that don’t pass, then the...
  4. J

    Withdrawn 2019 EXR

    I have a new (4 miles on the odo and plastic protective film still on the plastics/grips) 2019 EXR with an extra battery that I will be willing to sell if/when I can find some spare parts (particularly a battery) for my 2018 EX.
  5. J

    Fastway Evolution III Footpegs

    My stock pegs regularly scrape when I land in loose rock areas and the suspension bottoms.
  6. J

    Display screen too "dark"

    Check for tiny cracked solder joints.
  7. J

    Altering firmware

    Hmmm, may now have a reason to set up multi tool...may need to also look carefully at sergeynik’s posts to see what pins to use for canbus since I don’t have dongle.
  8. J

    Altering firmware

    I want “hill-holder” option...
  9. J

    Cold weather preheat B4 charging

    Charged so this can happen.
  10. J

    Cold weather preheat B4 charging

    Just getting the battery warm to the touch before charging after truck ride in sub-freezing temperature.
  11. J

    Thinking about making the plastics for alta

    I’m interested in a set...Don’t care a lick what color or style you make just so long as they are durable and knee-friendly...maybe flatter/narrower where the ribs are on the stock ones would be better too.
  12. J

    Alta mxr 2018 not charging. - Solved

    It looks like you have jumper wires on the DCCP board so that the charger can “see” the battery, but doesn’t this also mean that the DCCP cannot disconnect the battery at the end of charging. Also, since the bike is in drive mode to close the contactors/relays in the battery lid, and you are...
  13. J

    Alta mxr 2018 not charging. - Solved

    So when you send the ID 0x1806e5f4 0b b8 00 64 00 e8 from the laptop to the charger specifying charge cutoff of 325vdc, but the charger’s relay is manually closed, will it actually terminate the charging automatically or do you have to monitor progress and manually stop the charger?
  14. J

    Alta mxr 2018 not charging. - Solved

    It seems like the low voltage (master MCU) is still working and can communicate. I can see where the heat from the exploded transistor burned all the way through the board. The worst damage to the slave/high voltage section appears to be the long burned trace. Why not take a tiny grinder and...
  15. J

    Russian Milandr CM250?

    Rider of the green bike 👍 The handling of the bikes seems to show a weight distribution similar to our Alta’s with the exception that these bikes seem to pitch to the side more quickly when the rear tire breaks traction, and the front seems to touchdown more softly landing off bumps when...
  16. J

    Tesla ATV and Cybertruck

    How about this...
  17. J

    Alta mxr 2018 not charging. - Solved

    I don’t have multi tool or any other CAN tool that doesn’t automatically translate, otherwise I would gladly share the ID’s and maybe even put them on a graph/table with time and battery voltage.
  18. J

    Alta mxr 2018 not charging. - Solved

    You could always take the top cover off your battery (be careful as one of the battery connections to/through the BMS board is a “banana plug” but the other is attached with a wire/guide/cover and screw and this wire must be carefully pulled to allow enough slack to remove the cover) and run two...
  19. J

    Alta mxr 2018 not charging. - Solved

    Can you replace the exploded SMD transistor and the surface mount resistor that appears to have been blown off its pads, and run jumpers from the other side of the board in place of the burned traces and then test the unit. I think the transistors energize the windings of the relays and the...