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  1. evh1

    Zero FX Article by Popular Mechanics

    Good read, but charge time is the Achilles Heal The Zero FX: The Amazing Silent Speedy Electric Dirt Bike
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    Electric Assist Bikes and Motorcycles

    I saw this blurb for electric bikes and thought I'd pass it on...Cycle Volta "Cycle Volta is a digital and social media brand that covers electric-assist bicycles, micromobility, and electric motorcycles. Cycle Volta’s primary emphasis is on pedelecs, but we seek freedom and fun on two...
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    ALTA's Flat Tracker From the Ashes of ALTA

    An article I saw in the bike mag I get from cafe or scrambler type builders and the modern custom build bike group - Iron & Air - Blatant Moto's “Death Rattle” “Death Rattle” is an all-electric flat track built by three former Alta employees: Brandon Dawson, Vinnie Falzon, and John McInnis...
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    What Can an Alta NOT Do?

    Well, my EXR has been a daily commuter, run a National enduro, been on a MX track and trail riding. Add to that list as a Hunting Platform! If you hunt and aren't using your bike to snoop around, don't overlook it. I can load up and drive too close really to a stand and lay the bike down and not...
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    Gobbler Getter National Enduro Report from Alta Rider

    2019 RedShift EXR - 440 miles on bike - 70 mile race at race pace I just rode the 70 mile Gobbler Getter National Enduro this weekend in Maplesville, AL and can report a resounding "Oh, heck yeah!" for the bike. There were the usual pro names there plus 550 amateurs ! Lots of RV's, bikes and the...
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    Just Under the Electric Wire!

    I picked up my RedShift EX on 10/13/18. Monday the news on Alta broke...I could not worry about it because of the huge grin-on I had since riding the weekend. I'm going to remain positive for Alta as I've seen Penton to KTM, 2 smokes to 4 strokes and Cannondale getting it right, but losing...