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    TCMB371 2020 SX Futures Thread

    Too bad you missed the top ten by one spot but that is still a great overall position to get. I did it last year and it was very tough plus this year sounds like the track was way harder. Overall though sounds like you had a good time, next year hit me up and we can train together. I heard...
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    Want to trade Trade SM for an EXR

    The new SM just arrived today, finally. man it is super cool to ride the Alta on the street. Just so different. and the built in 110 charger is nice too. Updated the firmware, thanks @TCMB371 and it is ready for some new wheels to starts it’s new life in the dirt! and the new generator q6500...
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    What's the best commuter model that Alta makes?

    Alta SM sounds like what you are looking for. It has an on board 110v charger. Just need to have a regular extension cord to charge it to a standard house outlet.
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    Cone valve wp forks on an Alta

    The cone valve are nice but didn’t wow me. Yes, they are better than AER but not enough to recommend them. A review I read before buying them was true...”if you can afford them get a set, but your not missing much if you don’t.” I think with more time I can get them dialed in and feel better...
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    Cone valve wp forks on an Alta

    I picked up a set of 2018 cone valve forks for my Alta. Just put them on tonight and going to try them out at Pala (fox raceway) tomorrow. I bought a trax rear shock also but that needs a new spring before I can use it. The cv bolted right up to the stock clamps.
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    Want to trade Trade SM for an EXR

    Original pictures from seller to me.
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    Want to trade Trade SM for an EXR

    Yeah that is the plan. But it’s wheels, front break, not the R pack (I have a mxr also) and no rapid charger capable. But the sm Has the charger built in, which is nice.
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    Want to trade Trade SM for an EXR

    I recently bought a SM because I couldn’t find a EXR. So if anyone wants to trade their EXR for a SM please let me know.
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    Nearly lost my front fork! What is the right Torque?

    I have not looked but this seems like a post worthy of its own thread for Ktm front end replacement. I am thinking about doing this just to be able to use as many Ktm standard parts as possible. Does it matter in what year Ktm clamps are used? 22mm vs 20mm offset or the year/model? do 2019 Sxf...
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    Sold $5650 2017 Alta MX With 100 Miles

    I have used moto shippers MOTOSHIPPERS - MOTOSHIPPERS.COM
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    Mark911 can fix anything, if asked nicely

    oh I didn't understand that he made his own.
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    Mark911 can fix anything, if asked nicely

    True and yes I would rather have a fully functioning bike.. I guess i am more interested in how he added software code to the bike to add new functions.
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    For Sale 2018 MXR and EXR, not mine

    I was searching Craigslist and found these bikes. $8k EXR ALTA RED SHIFT ELECTRIC DIRT BIKE LIGHTNING FAST $9999 for MXR "Virtually brand new has one ride on it 39.2 miles complete with charger tire still have sharp edges on them" 2018 Alta mxr
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    Mark911 can fix anything, if asked nicely

    I was asking if you can add the button press to clear codes. Everyone would prefer to not have a code but clearing them easily would be cool.
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    Mark911 can fix anything, if asked nicely

    @Mark911 can you incorporate this threads coding? code 36
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    code 36

    So you added a command action for pressing display button two to clear the error codes to the firmware? What file did you edit, full path please?
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    Tesla Powerwall charging trailer

    Any updates on the plans to put the Tesla wall into your trailer?
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    Alta battery chargers : standard Vs. fast charge :

    I believe the 2017 requires the latest firmware to use the rapid charger.
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    Anaheim 2 Supercross Futures

    I just watched you video. I was near you through the race 8:30 and 9:50 I was just in front of you. #22 on a Honda. that track was fun but not enough track time for riding a track like that. If I were to do it again I would need to find an area a cross track to ride before the race to practice...
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    Alta Multitool Laptop kit available to Lend

    This is great news that you did that. Maybe include a single page with instructions? how to...or at least a check list -Connect all cables -log in -open software -check firmware -update firmware (motor sync after) -power off bike -remove cables -anything else of note for a new user of Alta...